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Profiles & Filaments Extrusion

Compostable biopolymers for single use items extrusion

Unlike injection moulding where the process makes individual identical components, the extrusion process makes a continuous length of plastic with a constant cross section. This cross section can be a profile or filament depending on the shape of the die. Once the material is extruded, the product is cooled and then it can be spooled, or cut into different lengths for later use.

INZEA® has developed a range of biopolymers to be transformed into profiles or filaments, i.e. nets or 3D printing filaments, with the same technical properties as conventional polymers but being biodegradable.

INZEA Bioplastics for compostable, biobased and biodegradable extrusion items

INZEA biopolymers for straws and nets

Conventional single use food packaging items have an enormous environmental impact. Legislation and current sustainable tendency look for new alternative materials that solve the waste problem of them. Now, thanks to INZEA biopolymers, nets, straws or tea bags are 100% compostable.

INZEA single use items can be disposed with food waste in order to be valorized as compost.

Compostable biopolymers to reduce plastic waste

INZEA biopolymers are biobased, biodegradable and compostable under EU regulation EN13432, ensuring a complete compostability.  OK Compost certification is available to confirm its compostability.

Once the product is disposed as organic waste it is transported to an industrial compost plant where the material will be converted into CO2, water and biomass thanks to the action of microorganisms and a controlled temperature conditions.

Main advantages

  • Food Contact
  • Ok Compost
  • Biobased content
  • Equivalent technical properties
  • Energy saving advantages, as lower processing temperatures are required

Processing recommendations

The INZEA extrusion grades can be processed in conventional equipment and require lower processing temperatures, so that a reduction in energy consumption is obtained. The cooling systems must have a controlled temperature to guarantee the shape of the article.

Bioplastic biobased, compostable and biodegradable net Filament Extrusion NUREL with INZEA BIOPOLYMRS
INZEA biopolymers compostable, biodegradable Straws

All types of extrusion and even 3D printing, can be compostable with INZEA