Blown Film Extrusion

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Blown Film Extrusion

Biopolymers for compostable films

The extrusion of blown film is a continuous operation of melting one or more polymers through a circular die to form a hollow tube. The tube expands with air, collapses and finally coils.

INZEA® has developed a range of biopolymers designed specifically for the extrusion of blown films. Our products can be processed in conventional PE and PP extrusion lines and can be adapted to any blown film processing technology, either for monolayer or multilayer films.

Thanks to its compostability and biobased content, INZEA biopolymers are the material of choice for retail bags, fruit and vegetable bags, food packaging and also for mulch film.

NUREL INZEA Biopolymers Blown Film Extrusion for biodegradable bags

INZEA is biodegradable and compostable

INZEA Biopolymers fulfill the EU regulation EN13432 that ensures the complete compostability of the film. To confirm its compostability OK Compost certificate is available for all our product range. Following the new legislative trends on sustainability, we have developed new INZEA grades that comply with the HOME Compost certification.

INZEA based agricultural films, are biodegradable in soil according to the European Standard EN 17033, ensuring the correct biodegradation in the field without causing any harm for the environment.

Transparency is possible

Many applications such as fruit and vegetables bags and food packaging, require transparency properties complying with the food contact standard.

INZEA product range offers a variety of grades, with different flexibility and technical properties, to replace conventional transparent polymers, such us PE or PP, to preserve food quality with an environmentally friendly approach.

Main advantages

  • Transparent grades available
  • Compostable solution for multilayer multimaterial packaging
  • Biobased content
  • OK Compost and Home Compost certification
  • Biodegradability in soil
  • Low thickness films are possible
  • For agricultural film different grades available depending on the crop duration

Processing recommendations

For INZEA grades blown extrusion processing, a blowing ratio (BUR) of 1.8-3.0 and a cooling air temperature of less than 20°C are recommended. Single air cooling or internal bubble cooling (IBC) systems can be used.

Blow Film Extrusion Process

NUREL INZEA Biopolymers Blown Film compostable Retail Bag
NUREL INZEA Biopolymers compostable and biodegradable agriculture mulch film

INZEA is the material of choice for compostable bags and agricultural films