Thermal Resistance

HTS INZEA NUREL Biodegradable Bioplastics

Thermal resistance

HTS Grades with biodegradable properties

The high temperatures during the production process and during the use, make that in some applications the materials must have thermal resistance to maintain their properties until the end of their useful life.

INZEA® offers new developments with thermal resistance to guarantee functionality, similar to that of conventional polymers, but with the added advantage of being a sustainable product.

For extrusion processes, INZEA is the solution, with HDT: 95ºC. Our R&D department is developing more grades with higher HDT.

In injection molding processes, INZEA has a wide range of qualities with thermal resistance of up to 156ºC with or without crystallization.

HTS INZEA NUREL Biodegradable Biopolymers