Flexible food Packaging

Compostable Flexible Food Packaging made of INZEA Biopolymers, biobased, biodegradable
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Flexible food Packaging

Sustainable compostable packaging

Sustainable INZEA® biopolymers have the same functionalities, appearance and feel as conventional polymers, they are durable to protect food products and keep them fresh and transparent so that customers can see their content. In addition, they can be revalued as compost, despite containing organic residues. It does not matter if the film or packaging is contaminated with food, as it can be composted.

Moreover, they are sealable raw materials that do not require any specific treatment for printing processes and additional paper laminating processes. Therefore, we can find different grades of transparency, roughness and stiffness depending on the properties of the original materials to replicate: LDPE, HDPE or PP. INZEA is the material of choice for these applications.

Main applications

  • Fresh vegetable bags
  • Stand-up pouches & Doypacks
  • Hygienic protections for sausages and meat
  • Sealing films
  • Fresh bread & pastry bags
  • Packaging for pasta and fresh pasta
Compostable biobased Flexible food packaging Flow Pack NUREL INZEA Biopolymers
Compostable biobased Flexible food packaging Poach NUREL INZEA Bioplolymers

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