Carrier Bags

Compostable Carrier Bags Applications NUREL INZEA Biopolymers. Biodegradable.
Compostable Carrier Bags Applications NUREL INZEA Bioplastics. Biodegradable.

Carrier Bags

Compostable shopping bags and fruit & vegetable bags

Regulatory changes in many countries are promoting the replacement of polyethylene bags with biodegradable bags to preserve the environment. INZEA® biopolymers allow to replace these bags, maintaining the same manufacturing processes and complying with the new specific to each country regulations in terms of biobased content, compostability and biodegradation.


  • Manufacture with standard plastic processing equipment
  • Compostable products
  • Grades for home composting available
  • Up to 60% biobased content
  • Transparent grades
  • Food contact grades available


Main Applications

  • T-Shirt bags
  • Shopping bags
  • Patch handle and Loop handle bags
  • Fruits and vegetables section bags
  • Bakery and frozen food section bags
  • Roll and block bags
Compostable Carrier Bags Applications NUREL INZEA Biopolymers
HOME Compost Carrier Bags Applications NUREL INZEA Bioplastics

Supermarket Bags

INZEA has a wide range of products that are able to adapt to the specific regulations for each country. We have products that adapt to the standard manufacturing processes for 18-20 micron T-shirt bags, with optimal mechanical properties.

Thanks to INZEA you can get quality and resistant supermarket bags that can be reused as a garbage bag for the organic fraction.

Transparent Section Bags

In supermarkets, section bags for fruits and vegetables, bakery bags or freezer bags require transparency in order to identify their contents.

Our INZEA bioplastics range includes transparent grades in mono and multilayer and offers solutions for those applications with high biobased content requirements (50-60%) and industrial or domestic composting.

In addition, there are grades suitable for food contact.

Compostable bags

All INZEA products are suitable for industrial composting at the end of their life cycle. Our products comply with the OK COMPOST standard under the criteria of ISO-EN 13432 and ASTM 6400.

NUREL has also developed specific grades for their adaptation to domestic composting complying with the TÜV OK Compost Home certification.

Up to 60% biobased bags

INZEA product range adapts to international regulations, being able to produce ecological bags with up to 60% biobased content according to ASTMD 6866.